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About Me: Welcome

My Coaching Story

I was working out 15x per week, plus yoga, plus eating 5 small meals a day. Results? Weight gain, IBS, chronic stress, injured. Wait.. isn't exercising supposed to relieve stress & burn calories? What was I doing wrong? 

I had two elite successful careers, one that worked my brain & one that worked my body. Ever have that gut instinct but you keep telling her to sshh because you're busy? I'm here to tell you can only sshh her for so long before she comes back louder and, well... fatter. Like most of us in today's modern age I was busy with an organized hussle bussle routine & boss babe attitude. I have a fulltime desk job, fitness job, city commutes, friends, relationship, fur babies. All my days would start with a 5am alarm and end with an 11pm bedtime. This went on for several years obviously with its ups & downs. The universe (my gut) tapped me on my shoulder a few times trying to get my attention. “Not now” I would tell her, “I'm at work.” Or “I'll call you back, I'm about to teach a class”. And “Nuh uh girl, it's wine time.” As mentioned, I ate well, exercised religiously, and treated people with care. 

Alright alright, so what happened right? What pivotal moment stopped me in my tracks? Days after my 33rd birthday I hurt my back. A very serious, debilitating, spinal injury. Nerve impingement. Drop foot. Electric pain. My symptoms worsened to the point I could no longer walk, and no doctor was able to give me a timeline. I was scared, embarrassed, confused. I was healthy. An athlete. Why me?? Then depressed, angry. My boyfriend broke up with me (trust me, he tried). I laid on the floor, in the dark, eyes allergic to my own tears for a long, long time.  

After a year of intense rehabilitation I decided I didn't want to live the way I was living pre-injury because it clearly wasn't working. After doing some research, I enrolled in a Primal Lifestyle challenge with a well known health coach. During this challenge I had so many "ah-ha" moments on why my past techniques were working against my metabolism & back pain. My digestive system, turns out, was damaged. Changes in my food intake & workout strategies had me less bloated, less cravings, more energy, even my eczema cleared up. I physiologically FELT better which essentially, should be everyone's goal. Turns out there's an entire institution dedicated to this lifestyle science. I enrolled, graduated, & made it official to share this way of life. 

I see you, in my industries, struggling the same way not getting the results you feel you should be getting. It's exhausting! I'm here to share my education, support, & accountability, that doesn't involve counting calories or vigorous cardio - because they simply haven't worked for us. You deserve to be you without the confusion. It's about trusting your gut instincts, with my help.  

About Me: About Me
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